Seminar 19 June: Sweden, NATO and nuclear deterrence

10 juni 2024 Av av Svenska Pugwash

Folk och Försvar invites you to a seminar with NATO’s Director of Nuclear Policy. This seminar will provide insights on NATO’s nuclear policy as well as Swedish perspectives as the newest member in NATO and thus part of the nuclear deterrence.
Program including “NATO’s Nuclear policy” with Jim Stokes, NATO Director of Nuclear Policy, “Sweden as part of NATO’s nuclear deterrence” with Torbjörn Sahlén, Deputy Chief of Directorate for Strategic Plans and Policy, Swedish Defence Forces and John Rydqvist, Deputy Director, Department for Security Policy and International Relations, Swedish Ministry of Defence, “Deterrence, deployment and disarmament” with Ian Anthony, researcher, Department for Security Policy, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and Erik Melander, Professor, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University and finally, “Reflections” with Josefin Lind, Secretary-General, Swedish Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons; Anders Lindberg, political editor-in-chief, Aftonbladet and Linda Jerneck, editorial writer, Expressen.
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